Comic Book Picks January 8th ’14

comic picks topperSo this is my first published comic book picks for the new year, having taken new years day off- mainly due to there only being one release so it was really a given what would have been picked that week right?! Well this week see’s a host of new releases- and many of the Marvel Now second wave titles see the light of day, so will they steal the weeks recomendations? Well lets find out…

Avengers World 1

avengers worldSo the biggest of Marvels second wave of ‘Now’ titles launches this week, and focuses on Marvels premier team ‘The Avengers.’ The creative Team of Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer remain in charge of writing duties for the team, and this bodes well given the amazing job that they have been doing on Avengers over the last 12months and the true scale they have given to the team. And they’re joined by Stefano Caselli on art duties who should do a great job of bringing the team to life.

The book promises to make the Avengers bigger than they already are, but not by expanding the team by expanding the teams reach to a global scale- although having been dealing with a huge space war I’m not sold this is bigger until it remains a constant theme and not a story plot. However I am looking forward to seeing what Hickman has planned next for the Avengers and this is the reason it makes my list, not too mention its a flagship relaunch title from Marvel so should sell very well indeed.

The official synopsis for the issue is as follows: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have returned from the stars– but on the world they left behind, new threats have emerged, and The Avengers will be tested like never before. In one cataclysmic day, the face of the Marvel Universe will change forever– and the fight for Earth’s future will begin. A globe-spanning epic of empires and armies, and the brave few who stand between them and us.

Sex Criminals 4

zdarsky-sex-criminals-4Sex Criminals has been nothing short of brilliant so far, and I don’t expect this to end anytime soon hence my recommendation this week. If you haven’t yet read any of the Sex Criminal issues- here’s why you should be.

The fact that the first issue is now on a fourth printing that has already sold out tells you just how much people are buying and getting into this book, and that’s a whole heap of credit that Matt Fraction deserves for making this book much more than people thought it could and would be. Add to that the whole ‘Apple’ refusing to stock it over it’s mature content for download and this title is serious becoming a real news story- and making the positive waves it deserves.

The official synopsis for this issues as follows: She can seemingly control time and space with her…parts. She’s as relentless a manhunter as law enforcement ever created. And by day she’s no one you’d particularly notice, with her quiet suburban life and pleasant-enough job, but when the temporal dimension is used to break society’s laws they call…her. Jon and Suzie get in too deep way too fast as one little sexy fun party crime begets another and the villains of the piece descend. Turns out Jon and Suzie aren’t the only ones after all.

Cable and X-Force 18

xforce 18Now I know this is the first time I’ve picked this book as weekly must buy- and there’s a reason for that. I’m loving the stories told in this book, and have since it began, this may mainly be due to the focus being on Cable and Hope, who I’ve always found to be a great pair since Hope’s arrival in the mutants world but its never had a compelling enough story to make my must buys until Now!

Dennis Hopeless has done a great job of crafting some engrossing tales and telling them well, but this upcoming arc promises to be truly explosive- giving us the first meeting of both of Marvel’s X-Force teams. While that’s exciting enough in itself, this also mean that we get the first meeting of Hope and Bishop since he was trailing her through time and attempting to kill her as a child and I’m looking forward to seeing Hopes reaction to that now she’s a fully grown and power wielding mutant.

The official synopsis for this issue s as follows: Classic X-Force villain STRYFE has returned! And he’s eager to exact his revenge on the man who left him broken and adrift in the timestream: CABLE. As Stryfe’s plan comes to bear, Hope is brought face-to-face with Bishop, the man who crusaded across centuries in a mission to exterminate her. But this time around, she’s ready to retaliate…and they’ll hold nothing back as they race to destroy one another. Don’t miss this no-holds-barred, knockdown, drag-out X-FORCE event! Because when the dust settles, only ONE X-Force team will be left standing…


So that’s my picks for the week, but for everything else released check out these amazing guys


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