Star Wars Rebels first footage

Concept art from R.McQuarrie

Concept art from R.McQuarrie

The new animated series from Lucasfilm, is set between Episode III and Episode IV and takes place during a time where the empire is beginning to cement its power across the universe and the rebellion is beginning to form. The first trailer for this has arrived, and its clear from the outset that the influence of original star wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s work has been as big an influence as we heard it would be.

The series is set to début on Disney XD in 2014- and will hopefully be as entertaining as the Clone Wars series has been. No information is available yet to the characters that will appear in rebels- but im hoping for a few small references to some of the characters that appear in the later movies, Han Solo anyone?!

This isn’t the only Star Wars television news recently– but it is the only concrete news and the only teaser we’ve seen so far. And the teaser does promise us the rise of the the Jedi- so if that doesn’t sound exciting I don’t know what does.

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