Episode Vii- starring Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel-Day-Lewis-02Well that’s currently a rumour- but if the internet is to believed he has met with both George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy over lunch. If it wasnt to discuss the upcoming sequel then i have no idea what it could of been- so consider me claiming it must have been.

Now while a villain that matches Darth Vaders coolness is going to be hard to find for the upcoming movies, just like it was for the prequels (Darth Maul was wasted) casting Daniel Day Lewis would be a great step to achieving that. Hell if they can make this happen- it will instantly add credibility to the upcoming franchise continuation.

In other related casting news Saorise Ronan has confirmed that she has carried out a screen test/audition for the movie and its hinted at that Sullivan Stapleton (300 sequel) may be up for a role too. ut compared to the DDL rumour who cares


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