DC’s shared universe?

Over the past few months it appeared DC entertainment was sewing the seeds for a shared universe of superheroes that could tie-in with he current Man of Steel cannon.
They announced that Flash would appear in Arrow series2, and this soul lead to the superhero potentially getting his own series.

News then broke that Black Canary would don the superhero costume in series 2 of Arrow too, and speculation really began to take off over a DC universe created through television before a Justice League movie would arrive- and excitement for the long delayed project grew again.

DC capitalised on this by announcing that everyone’s favourite caped crusader would appear in the Man of Steel sequel- and fever pitch was reached by everyone.


Then DC began to announce more projects and casting calls, in the last two months that threw the whole shared universe idea, over onto its head.
The casting of Ben Affleck (talk about a split opinion) as an older more grizzled Batman, hints that the current television shows may not link into that universe- as if Batman has bed around a long time wouldn’t he already know about Green Arrow and other heroes?! Does this mean Man of Steel will exist in it’s own film universe outside of the television one?

Then came the rumours of a Gotham Central television show, and another project DC had hidden away for now- and everyone assumed that the television universe was about to grow and give us some new superhero team up possibilities. But DC announced two new shows- Gotham and Constantine- both on differing networks to their current television shows.


With Gotham focusing on a young James Gordon, it would appear that there’s no way this can fit into the Man of Steel universe that features an old Batman. Well at least not unless they change all the Batman cannon, or use the show as a pre-cursor to setup this universe. But I guess only time will tell how this series is going to work.
Could DC link this into Arrow somehow? It could always lead to a James Gordon appearance in a flashback sequence involving Olive Queens dad- just to confirm that the universe is shared. The only real problem with this is that FOX has the Gotham rights so guest spots and sharing could be difficult.

DC then announced a Constantine show, which again will be on another network. There was hope that this could lead into the Arrow universe, but again this seems unlikely now. It also seems to hint that the proposed G.Del Toro proposed Justice League Dark movie may be dead in the water. However I’m hoping that this could be a television project to introduce a larger audience to DC’s Constantine prior to the movie release (one can dream)


So it appears that DC has blown an opportunity here to really develop their movie and television universe into one giant world of superheroes, however there is still a possibility that they could run a multiple network universe but this certainly seems unlikely.

I guess time will tell now on the DC television projects, but I really can’t help feeling as a fan that they’ve missed a really great opportunity here.

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