Mortal Kombat Legacy- Season 2 launches today

One of my favourite lines as a young gamer was easily “Get over here” screamed by a ninja wearing a yellow costume who inevitably meant harm to anyone on the other side of the the television screen.

mortalkombatlegacy2scorpionSo it should come as no surprise that i’m keen to see the return of the web based series- and of course my favourite yellow wearing ninja. Series 1 focused heavily on the set-up of the Mortal Kombat tournament, and was a real surprise hit when it began to stream last year, whereas series 2 promises to enter the tournament and has a much bigger media buzz around it.

The series features some well known characters from the video game series including Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, Mileena and Kitana.

All episodes will be made available at the same time on Machinima from 9pm tonight.


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