Comicbook releases 31/7

So its that time of the week where you go down to the local comicbook shop and ponder what new releases you should buy this week, well let me help you out with that one.

Batman Annual 2:

ImageOnce again Scott Snyder is given the reigns for another Batman Annual- and if this is anything like the first one he penned then it should be a beauty.

The annual continues the current trend of Snyder taking on ‘Year Zero’ and trying to give us a fresh perspective on Batman’s early years in the new 52 universe.

The big hook for this book is that it may well feature the Bats first visit to Arkham Asylum, and who doesn’t want to see that- yeah thats right no-one!

If there’s one book worth giving a go this week- despite my usual displeasure towards annuals- its this.

Indestructible Hulk 11

ImageWhen the Hulk first joined SHIELD i have to admit, i was skeptical but it made sense from the stand point of Banner being worth more than most of marvel’s so called geniuses. However since Indestructible Hulk began it has been a great read and one of the best hulk related titles out there.

Mark Waid has done a great job of really getting to grips with Banner the man and using Hulk as the final straw and giving us those great big fight moments in small supply- but enough to get us going. And this has really helped the series plus I’m still unsure what Banner wants with his self assembled team of scientists, and what they want from him.

Waid now has to tackle an Age of Ultron tale, that requires hulk to travel through time and try and prevent it from falling apart at the seems.  This could really give us some good moments to showcase Banners genius, at some great fight scenes- anyone else thinking hulk and dinosaurs.

Nuff said- now Hulk SMASH!!!!!!!!

Uncanny X-men 9

ImageI’m not going to go about how great this series is, because it always features in my must reads- and that says it all. But this issue promises to show us how a mutant who leaves the X-men can find the real world hard to live within and survive, how a new mutant learns what it takes to be an X-man.  Ohhh and Magneto isn’t the only mutant working with SHIELD, so has been the one keeping tabs on the X-mens moves?

Honestly if there’s one book by Bendis you should read its this, he has this team and there inner turmoils oozing from every page and sentence- it may be his best series by the time hes finished his run.  And Bachalo really has made the new mutants his own- i mean who else could draw code name ‘Golden Balls’

For all of this weeks other releases check out here:

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